Mom's a Genius: Meet the mom behind Just Delicious Scones & the Royal Treat Tea Room

(WXYZ) - In a Roseville bakery, situated just off Utica Road, scones are being made by the hundreds.  Most end up at markets around Metro Detroit... Others end up being enjoyed just feet away from the bakery in the Royal Treat Tea Room, where people gather each day to also enjoy some tea and conversation.

“A 90 year old grandma brought her daughter, her children, four generations sat here and had tea and scones,” Jennifer Columbo tells me. “Talking over what used to be an everyday thing, to sit and talk with each other.”

It brings a smile to Jennifer Colombo’s face. She’s the woman behind Just Delicious Scones, and the Royal Treat Tea Room. We sat down over tea and scones to talk about her business.

Not Your Average Scone

“They’re not like a lot of other scones. They’re more of a Scottish style, the Scottish will tell you they’re a little bit more like cake,” she explains.

Not as dry as you’ve probably come to expect from other styles of scones. I’ve always loved scones. And Jennifer’s vanilla bean, drizzled with a key lime glaze, didn’t disappoint.

The Story Behind Her Success

For years, Jennifer was a caterer, but with three kids, the hours simply became too much.

“Every weekend, every holiday, you made other people’s holidays joyful and I remember the day at Thanksgiving dinner and my son’s like… ‘what about us?’” And I was too tired that one Thanksgiving to make dinner. I couldn’t do it.

That, and a bad business relationship, led Jennifer 4 years ago to start anew. She decided to focus on one thing she was great at making, those scones. She took her 50 dollar Craigslist oven, and leased space for a bakery.

“I sold my car to pay the rent and just decided I would go and I would just do this.” 

Hard Work & Creativity

She’s worked hard and creatively to build her business. When the Royal wedding rolled around…

“I woke up and thought I’ll make royal scones,” she explains.

She got coverage in the local paper. The next day, 200 people showed up to buy then. Since then, she’s moved to this bigger space. Her tea room is full of china and mementos given to her by her customers.  Besides her tea and scones, she also serves a quiche or salad for lunch each day… the price, just $11. Just scones and tea are $6.

Retail Locations

If you can’t make it out to the bakery or Tea Room, you can buy Just Delicious Scones, in a variety of flavors, in markets across Southeast Michigan, including Vince & Joe’s, Nino Salvaggio, Hiller’s, Busch’s, Randazzo Fresh Market,  Hollywood Market, Apple Annie’s of Roseville & Guastello’s Village Market.

Her kids have been a part of this business… and watched their mom, starting with nothing, turn a dream into reality.

“It’s been the hardest thing to do, but the most rewarding to see the children see what a woman can do, what your mom’s capable of and how when things get really hard, you can really figure it out.”

And for those of us who’ve tried a Just Delicious Scone, we’re thankful for that.


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