Mom's a Genius: Mom develops Caution Cling to help keep new & senior drivers safe

(WXYZ) - It's natural for any parent to feel nervous the second their teenager gets ahold of car keys and is out on the road in the drivers seat. But Gina Philips decided that when it was time for her teenage daughters to start driving, she wanted them to feel safe and comfortable, while she had a sense of relief at home.

Starting the product

It started out with Gina taking a sign and taping it on her daughters car when she drove home one day. The sticker read "new driver" and worked as an alert to surrounding drivers to pass with care and drive a safe distance. When Gina's daughter embraced the sticker on her car, her husband saw an opportunity to start something great. The family worked together to patent the product, design it, and drive in sales. "It's been a lot of fun," Gina says, "and a family effort."

Daughter-duo design

Gina's daughters, Tia and Tiana, are the artistic duo behind the products unique design. The sisters designed two different versions of the sticker and put the two together to form the version you see on the back of vehicles now. Tia explains on her design how she made the triangle shape rounder so people on the road would be able to identify it as a Caution Cling. "I like the caution at the top," her younger sister Tiana says, "It's more noticeable." And by putting their creations together you see the final product on the back of cars today.

Moving forward

Starting the Caution Cling line with the new driver sticker they quickly added in one designed for senior drivers and coming soon... new baby. This color coordinated sticker allows other drivers on the road to be aware that there is a new baby girl or boy in the vehicle and to drive safely. Gina has sold hundreds of Caution Cling stickers today through their Caution Cling website , at women's shows, and local gas stations.

"All I want to do is make a difference," Gina says. And she certainly is making the roads a safer environment for drivers and that's why we say... Mom's a Genius.


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