Mom's a Genius: Spbang reusable bag makes packing lunch easy

(WXYZ) - After packing lunches for kids, and even yourself all year, you probably found yourself throwing away a lot of little plastic bags after one-time use.

A White Lake mom knew there had to be a better way and the product she came up with, with a very strange name, is why we say "Mom's a Genius."

Sherri French is a wife, a mother and entrepreneur who used her knowledge from years of working in the automotive business to create Spbang, a now Michigan-made product that she uses everyday.

How the product started

While living in China, Sherri began working with her friend who is a plastics automotive expert to find a better way to pack and store stuff.

Spbang is a reusable bag that Sherri uses to pack her daughters lunch in everyday. "No lead, no thylate, no BPA, it's actually used in many food containers and we took it in a different food application and made it work for us," she says.

The catchy name has nothing to do with food or packing lunch. "It's an ode to my Canadian heritage," Sherri says. "As kids we would play road hockey and spbang is the sound of a wet tennis ball when you make a slapshot against an aluminum garage door."

Using Spbang

Sherri created the bag originally for food purposes but her family uses it for more than that. "Last weekend at our cottage we put puzzle pieces and crayons," Sherri says.

Clean up is easy. The bag can be thrown in the dishwasher before being used again.

Bags cost $9.99 each and are being shipped around the world as well as sold in some local Michigan stores. You can visit the Spbang website for more information on why we say... "Mom's a Genius."

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