Sneaky things some hiring managers have admitted to doing to weed out candidates

(WXYZ) - Most of us have been through the hiring process, and as you know, it can be extremely stressful.

But, thanks to help from, we learned some of the sneaky things some hiring managers have done to weed out job candidates—and some of these things are borderline illegal!

Since hiring managers aren't allowed to ask if you have kids, some have admitted to setting out fake photos of children. They do this to lure you into talking about your own kids. Some managers will weed out parents over fears they may want extra time off to go to their kids' games and events.

Best Idea: Don't comment on any photos in case you're being set up.

Many hiring managers will also look for wedding bands. This especially applies to people applying for entry-level positions. This could be a sign that you may be getting ready to start a family, and some hiring managers don't want to deal with giving you time off for maternity or paternity leave.

Best Idea: Leave your wedding band at home on the day of the interview.

Another trick—many hiring managers actually lean towards hiring someone that currently has a job. This is because if you've been unemployed too long, they may worry there's something wrong with you instead of the economy.

Best Idea: If you suddenly lose your job, it's a good idea to start volunteering, do some charity work, or further your education so you have a good excuse for that gap on your resume.

To hear more of the sneaky things hiring managers have admitted to doing, check out the LearnVest website .

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