The growing trend of birth photography is turning more delivery rooms into photo shoots

Photographers are hired to be on call 24-7

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WXYZ/WCPO) - Picture the typical delivery room.

You have the Mom, the Dad, the nurses, the doctors, and...the photographer?

When Laura and Dale Sanko welcomed their daughter Ainsley Mara, they hired Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography.

"We saw it as an opportunity for Dale and I to enjoy our own experience and not have to worry about Dale needing to be a photographer as well as a coach and kind of the stress of everything else that happens when you're having a baby," explained Laura Sanko.

When you think of the process of giving birth, it may be hard to shake delivery room scenes in movies like Knocked Up – with Katherine Heigl's character screaming at a visiting friend, "Get OUT!!!"

Then there's the concern about the graphic nature of it all.

"Every now and then we have the Mom who wants us to get the shot of the baby coming out, but most Moms want us there to capture the raw emotion, but not the gore that happens with birth," said Melanie Pace.

Melanie Pace and Kelly Smith run Beautiful Beginnings photography. 

They are also mothers who actually shot each other's births.

They don't bring in a lot of gear, no extravagant lighting or assistants.

Just the camera.

And for $800, they are on call 24-7 for parents-to-be.

"It's not just the baby coming out; it's all the things leading up to it -- the happiness afterward," said Kelly Smith.

Jenny and Dan Hauer's daughter Kynlee won't just hear about her birth.

Photographs of her first few moments of life are all over her nursery.

And it's those first moments that took on special meaning for Aleisa and Bill Yusko.

Twenty-four weeks into pregnancy, the couple found out their baby, Nora Rose, had the often fatal chromosomal disorder Trisomy 18.

"We did not know if she would make it through delivery. And we wanted to capture these moments, this day of what might have been our only time with her," recalled Aleisa Yusko.

Nora Rose lived, and months later her parents call the pictures a blessing.

"You look at the pictures in the book, the pictures that she had taken and you can't help but be emotional about it. It's amazing," said Aleisa Yusko, choking up.

For most parents the decision is much simpler.

Do you want a photographer up close and very personal during the birth of your child?

For parents who say yes, the pictures turn a fleeting moment into a lasting memory.

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