Car cleaning secrets from a professional car detailer

Don't Waste Your Money

(WXYZ) - Is your vehicle in need of a good cleaning? A *professional* detail job can cost top dollar, but there are some simple steps you can do to make that car look great and keep your wallet looking great, too.

Pete Bowman has been caring for cars for almost 15 years.

He says just a few simple supplies can really revive your ride.  Plain old glass cleaner works fine on hard interior surfaces.  You can use an old make-up or tooth brush for those hard to reach spots.

To clean those deep cup holders, wrap a rag around your cup or can, spray and twist your cup to clean.

Be sure to check product labels on all interior cleaners.  Don't use anything bleach or ammonia.  If you have leather, get products specifically for leather.

On the exterior, rubbing compound is the secret to erasing those surface scratches.

When it comes to wheels, it's hard work.

You can use any type of tire or wheel cleaner that you can get over the counter- and you just have to use your elbow grease.

A good "deep nap" wash rag or mitt will help protect your paint.  Be sure to always wash from top to bottom because the worst debris is always at the bottom of the car.

Also, use soap made for car washing.  Kitchen and laundry products are too harsh.  Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight.  It's also recommended to wax at least once a year.

Another tip:  don't let bugs or bird droppings build up.  Organic matter like that contains acid that can actually damage your paint.

Keep in mind, if you stay on top of cleaning and caring for your car, it can be worth more when you sell it.

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