14-year-old goes undercover in Lake Orion drug bust

(WXYZ) - A police chief is defending his decision to let a 14-year-old boy go undercover and bust a drug dealer.

Edward Watkins, 35, is charged with attempting to sell drugs to a minor.

Lake Orion Police say the investigation started when the 14-year-old's mom came to them for help. Her son had told her that Watkins wanted him to sell drugs.

"Mom was incensed and was fighting very hard to keep her child out of that environment and raise her child right.  She was fully willing to participate to assist in getting this guy off the street, " said Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh.

Watkins had been staying in the mom's Lake Orion neighborhood with a girlfriend for about a year.

That girlfriend had a teenage son, and Watkins is accused of putting intense pressure on that kid's friends to be drug dealers.

The mom said her son could help police catch him in the act.

" In this case, the facts of the case made it evident that this would most likely be a safe and effective method to get this monster out of this boy's life," said Chief Jerry Narsh. 

The police chief says after the sting, the boy's father complained.

The chief says he understands the Lapeer man's concern, but that they never would have done such a sting if they felt the boy was in danger. 

The chief said the boy would have been in more danger if he continued to live under pressure to take part in illegal activity.

"This man was already in the boy's life."

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