20 health care workers in Florida told to stay home after second case of MERS confirmed in U.S.

ORLANDO (WXYZ) - Twenty health care workers in Florida are being told to stay home for two weeks because they may have been exposed to the deadly MERS virus.

A man who had traveled to Orlando from Saudi Arabia was diagnosed with the virus earlier this week.

He visited two hospitals in the area and workers from those hospitals may have been exposed.

Two of the 20 workers began showing symptoms of the virus, which include cough, fever and trouble breathing.

Those two workers sought treatment in the emergency room, but MERS was ruled out for one of them, and that person was sent home.

The other person was still being evaluated at the hospital Wednesday morning.

MERS was first diagnosed in 2011.

Since then, more than 500 people have gotten sick and 145 people have died.

All of the cases have been diagnosed in people who have ties to the Middle East.

Doctors believe the virus came from camels.

MERS can be spread from person to person, but only after close and repeated contact.

There is no treatment or vaccine for MERS.

Airports in the U.S. have now begun posting CDC warnings about MERS in terminals.

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