20 y.o. Kelly Rothe talks about her double mastectomy

(WXYZ) - She looks like everyone else standing near the back of the Starbucks line, but just five days ago Kelly Rothe became the first 20-year old to have a double mastectomy at Beaumont Hospital.

"I'm not gonna lie-- there's pain. Not incapacitating or enough to make me cry or anything, but I'm sore," said Rothe.

You couldn't tell it by Kelly's smile while she walked around picking out sweet treats with her family at the hospital before a press conference update about her condition.

Kelly has been on the mend in her father's home and is already ready to get moving.

The cameras have certainly kept her moving, including a visit from Hollywood. Kelly and her dad are the main parts of a picture called Pink and Blue movie.  It's documentary about the BRCA gene and male breast cancer, and the creator is a carrier.

"I'm looking forward to a long life with her so this just makes it more certain that it's going to happen," said Kelly's father. 


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