POLICE: Three teens arrested attempting to disguise marijuana, ecstasy as candy

(WXYZ) - A timeless candy was used to do something not so smart in the parking lot of a Macomb Township elementary school.

Macomb County Sheriff's Deputies caught a 17-year-old from Almont and two juveniles in a car trying to coat Smarties candies in drugs.  They were found in a car in the parking lot of Beck Elementary School in Macomb Township.

"You'll see a lot of cars and traffic coming in and out.  They'll be parking in the parking lot and stuff like that," said Dave Tasson.

Tasson lives right by the school and said cars constantly park in back of the school because the area is hidden from the road.  Sheriff's deputies found the group in the back in a car just after 8 p.m. Monday.

When deputies searched the vehicle they found everything needed to disguise the drugs as candies.  One backpack contained glass canning jars with marijuana, a digital scale, a grinder, and a marijuana pipe.

The second backpack had three rocks of Molly, a form of ecstasy.  The group told sheriff's deputies they planned to reduce the Molly rocks to a liquid form and then coat the Smarties with the drug.                                    

Those who live nearby like Tasson said unfortunately the school grounds make a perfect place to hide at night.

"Over the years, probably because of the economy they cut the lights off so it's really pitch dark back here," said Tasson.  Tasson said turning the lights back on would be the smart thing to do to cut down on unnecessary traffic and any illicit activity.

All three in the car were arrested.  The 17-year-old from Almont was taken to jail and the two juveniles were released to their parents.

Deputies also found $780 dollars in cash in the vehicle.

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