4 shot at tax preparation office in Detroit

(WXYZ) - Four people were shot on Friday after a teenager shot through the window of a tax prep store over confusion about a tax refund check.

At least two of the victims were listed in serious to critical condition and were in surgery.  A third victim refused treatment, said police.

7 Action News talked with the co-owner, Raphael, while he swept up broken glass from the window the 19-year-old shot through, hitting four people in his store.

"He was dead wrong and I'm glad the police caught him," said Raphael.

The co-owner of the tax preparation shop on Gratiot and Sheridan didn't want his face on camera.  At the time, police were still looking for one of the suspects.  The suspect police were looking for is the woman who instigated the violence.

"She was impatient and she wanted to fight.  She just wanted to fight," said Raphael.

Raphael said the woman, who came in with the 19-year-old and another lady, yelled and screamed when she thought the store didn't have her tax refund check.  The store had the check, but the woman wouldn't wait to go through the process to get the check. 

"We take the ID, run a copy of her thing and we go from there.  But she didn't give us a chance to do any of that.  She just went off on the nut path," said Raphael.

That's when Raphael said the woman got the 19-year-old involved.

"He didn't take his time to sort through the problem.  He didn't take his time to wait for the check," he said.

Instead the teen punched the employee helping them in the face.

"He hit the girl," said Raphael.

Then, the security guard kicked the teen out of the store.

"Yeah, tried to walk him out and tell him, man, just stay outside for a minute we're going to give her her check, she just has to sign off on it," he said.

Once in the parking lot, the 19-year-old didn't wait and pulled out a gun and began shooting at the store window.

"We're real gangsters here," is what the teen shouted as he began shooting said Raphael.

Police caught the 19-year-old a short time later.

"I give all props to police," said Raphael.  "They sure got him."

The woman police were looking for turned herself in around 6:30 p.m. Friday.

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