5 y.o. injured after pit bull attack in Detroit

(WXYZ) - Like a suspect being taken in for questioning,a pit bull mix puppy is collared, thrown in the back of a squad car and taken away from a scene on the city’s west side after attacking a girl on Woodingham near McNichols Wednesday night.

The man that saved the girl is Ronald Chalmers, who heard the screams from a 5-year-old as she was being attacked by the pit bull.

The dog, a family pet, is kept in the backyard of a home across the street from Ronald, but the puppy squeezed through some holes in the fence and took off after the girl who was playing in the front yard. The family tells 7 Action News the girl is afraid of the dog and was running from the pit bull when she was attacked.

Ronald went for a weapon, a crowbar.

“I know this could do some damage.”

Ronald says the dog's mouth was clamped down on the back of the 5-year-old’s head and she was struggling to get away from the pit bull until the man beat it with a crowbar, stopping the attack.

Police arrived, rounded up the dog and the girl was taken to Sinai-Grace where she was in stable condition upon arrival.

Police are investigating and the dog may be put down. The family tells Action News they do not want the dog back.

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