54th annual Ann Arbor Art Fair showcases art from across the globe

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Showcasing juried artwork from all over the world, the 54th annual Ann Arbor Art Fair opens to the public Wednesday through Saturday.

For Myra Sanders and friends, visiting from Ohio, the fair gives each other a chance to bond with artists.

"The pottery, the jewelry," said Sanders,"The time together, and the nice people we meet!"

Paul James is one of the 1,100 artists showcasing and selling their work at the annual fair, which starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. This is Paul's 14 th year with the fair.

"Half a million to a million people turn out every year." said James, "It's wonderful for sales. And for artists to be able to make a living and do their art, art fairs are the way to do it."

"For a lot of these artists, this event makes their year." said art fair spokesperson Karen Delhey, "It's one of the biggest art fairs in the country."

The fair runs through four of the city's busiest areas, shutting down streets and opening conversations between artist and art lover.

"You get that one on one connection with the artist during an art fair," said Delhey, "So you can actually go in, talk to the artist, learn about their personality. And that can make the art so much more personal to you."

"First ten years I did the art show, it was more about sales." said James, "Now it's about the interaction and teaching."

And for fans of the fair, there will be a lot to learn. So much so, Sanders crafted a five page spreadsheet to navigate the next few days.

"All the websites I checked out." said Sanders, "So we really researched coming here to Ann Arbor."

For more information on the artists at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, head to:  http://www.artfair.org




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