57-year-old man accused of killing estranged wife then driving to cemetery where mother is buried

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Witnesses say Melissa Zarza-Diaz, 55, argued with her estranged husband when he showed up at the home they once shared on the 4700 block of Braden late Sunday afternoon before he shot her multiple times.

Court records show Melissa filed for divorce in late March, and she and her estranged husband had court hearings in their divorce set for last week, but, for some reason, they were adjourned until sometime in August or September.

Neighbors say Melissa's estranged husband was not supposed to be coming around. It's unclear if Melissa sought a personal protection order.

Then Sunday around 5:00 p.m. the two argued in front of the house for about 30 to 45 minutes before Melissa's estranged husband pulled out a handgun and fatally shot her, according to neighbors.

After the shooting, witnesses say the 57-year-old man jumped in Melissa's black Impala and drove off.

Detroit Police located the man a few miles away at Woodmere Cemetery on West Fort Street where it appeared he had ingested something in an attempt to harm himself.

Action News has learned that the suspected killer buried his mother at Woodmere Cemetery earlier this year after she passed away in January.

The man has been treated at a local hospital and remains in police custody.

Investigators have presented a warrant request to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, and if the warrant is approved, the man could be arraigned Tuesday or Wednesday.

Melissa Zarza leaves behind three children, from a previous relationship, including a son who works for Detroit EMS and another son who is a cadet with the Detroit Fire Department.

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