7 Action News steps in to help people living in shadow of eyesore, city now set to take action

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "Nobody wants to live next to this," said Bette Ware-Kelsey whose home sits next to what's left of an old apartment building that has been set on fire several times and now looks as if a bomb exploded inside of it.

The dangerous eyesore sits on the corner of Keeler and Steel Street on Detroit's west side where bricks, garbage and other debris have left one sidewalk impassable.

"It's been rough," says Al Lawrence who has visited city hall several times in over a year, hoping to get the city to tear down the monster eyesore that sits outside his front door.

"Nothing ever happens," said another neighbor.

Many people living in this west side neighborhood were losing hope that anything would ever be done about what remains of the old apartment building.

Working on behalf of the neighbors, Action News contacted Mayor Mike Duggan's office Monday afternoon. And before the afternoon was over, a spokesperson told us that they are ordering an emergency demolition and it will be down by the end of next week.

And here's proof the city is working fast! Before Action News at 5:00 even started, a contractor was out estimating the cost of the demo work.

Stay tuned to Action News for updates as these Detroiters anxiously await a brighter day in their neighborhood!

Ware-Kelsey said the nightmare began under the city's former administration, but they are all thankful Mayor Duggan and his team are taking care of the problem now.

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