88-year-old beaten, bound and gagged inside her own home in Detroit

(WXYZ) - The swelling is nearly shutting Imogene Ankton's eyes and she has a few bruises and scrapes-- but her spirit is not broken.

"I'm just so grateful," said Imogene .

What happened to the 88-year-old woman left many who live in her neighborhood on Detroit's west side disturbed, shocked, and upset.

Around 2:00 am, two thieves broke into her the apartment she rents in a house on  the first floor apartment.

She told 7 Action News she had been sleeping but when she heard strange noise.  When she did not find anything after searching her home, she went back to sleep.

Then, she heard more sounds.

"I opened my eyes and I thought I was dreaming," said Imogene.  "Then I saw this man and then I found out I was in trouble.  Then I started hollering and kicking and he told me to shut up but then he would kill me."

Imogene remembers one of the suspects was ransacking her place while the other one attacked her.

"He was beating me around my head and I was kicking at him.  I was doing the best I could do to keep him off of me," said Imogene. "Then I started praying and he said if you don't shut up I'll kill you and I said, ‘Lord forgive them cause they know not what they do' and I kept on praying."

Her attacker then tied her up.

"I couldn't move my arms and then he put a rag in my mouth and then told me not to scream and I knew not to holler any more because I didn't want to die," said Imogene.

The brave victim could soon hear the intruders upstairs invading her landlord's home. 

She believes the pair was working with a third person, possibly outside with a getaway car.

Imogene told 7 Action News they swiped as much as they could from the homes including taking the ice cream out of her freezer.

She moved quickly to call 9-1-1 despite one of the suspects periodically checking on her.

She's thankful police arrived soon after.

"Even If we had more officers… they can't squash this crime.  It's got to be a community… people got to be concerned about one another and tell the police what they see," said Imogene.

After being terrorized, many would be shaken up but hours after the crime Imogene is all smiles.

"You know, well I have to because I'm still here," said Imogene.  "The Lord saved my life and I am grateful to be here."

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