9-year-old boy raises money for his family

WHITE LAKE, Mich. (WXYZ) - At just 9-years-old, Arthur Coreia of White Lake, Michigan has been mowing other people's lawns all summer long.

In fact, the lawn mower he uses is bigger than he is.

Still, Arthur is out there every day pushing that machine all over town, because his family needs the money desperately and Arthur is keenly aware of that.

You see, both Arthur's father and mother are deaf and  on top of that, Arthur's mother is quickly going blind as well.

Neither one has been able to find a job, neither one has had a job for a long time and so there‘s been very little money to pay for even the basic things in life like heat, electric bills and food.

So in June, Arthur hit the road, pushing his broken-down lawn mower.

When he stopped at Brienna Higle's house down the street, she asked him what toy he wanted to buy for himself.

But when little Arthur told her he was just trying to put food on his parents table, Brienna got an idea.

She immediately created a facebook page about his story and started taking donations online for Arthur and his family.

And as of last night, she had already collected close to $2000.00.

Using  $700.00 of that donated money, today, Brienna  took Arthur, his parents and all five of his brothers on a shopping spree at Walmart in Hartland.  All, so the boys could buy new clothes for the upcoming, school year.

Arthur and his brothers could hardly believe it.  "It feels like Christmas morning", one said.

Brienna and her friends on Facebook have already obtained tickets to Cedar Pointe, so that Arthur and his family can go spend the day there.

And in the next two weeks, we at Channel 7 Action News will have a few more surprises for Arthur and his close-knit family to enjoy.

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