90-year-old drug mule sentenced to prison for transporting drugs

He spent his 90th birthday before a federal judge for transporting drugs, but his age wasn't enough to earn Leo Earl Sharp a "Stay out of Jail" card.

Michigan state police pulled Sharp over for a traffic violation on I-94 two years ago. That's when they discovered sharp was transporting cocaine for a Mexican drug cartel, a lot of cocaine.

Over the past few years, he transported more than a ton of cocaine from the south into Michigan, and was paid over a million dollars.

His attorney argued Sharp is a war vet, with no criminal history and was forced by the Mexican cartel to transport the cocaine or his family would be killed.

He also says Sharp suffers from dementia, and shouldn't go to prison for his crime. Instead, they argued for house confinement.

Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds disagreed.

Instead of sentencing the 90-year-old to 60 months in prison, what the prosecutors wanted, she sentenced Sharp to 36 months.

We met up with Sharp and his attorney as they left the courthouse.

Sharp will be turned over to the care of a family member, and will be allowed to self-report to prison at a later date.

Sharp did tell the judge and reporters--he has no plans on going to prison.

He think's its a death sentence, and he threatened to kill himself.

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