911 calls released in Shelby Township tank stunt

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - "A stupid act," is how Shelby Township's Police Chief describes what a military veteran and his two buddies did Thursday night with a vintage tank called "Lonely Bull" and its mounted 50 caliber machine gun. 

Calls to 911 flooded in as people living on Erma Street and their guests went from watching fireworks over a lake to running for cover when they saw the tank and heard what sounded like gunshots from a machine gun.

You can listen to one 911 call in the player above.

Shelby Township police say it was John Lind, 49, and his friends riding in his World War II vintage tank, pulling the trigger on the modified gun that doesn't actually fire rounds, but rather bursts of compressed air along bright flashes and the realistic sound of rapid firing.

Chief Roland Woelkers says it caused "pandemonium" with crowds of people, including children, fearing for their lives.

We're told Lind, a history buff, served in the Marines, Navy and the Air Force, but now loves to share his love of military history by going to shows and parades with the many vintage vehicles he owns and stores at his home - not far away from where Thursday night's incident took place.

It appears Lind and his friends did not pull the trigger on the modified gun while riding the tank on the street where he lives.

Lind founded a group called "Detroit Arsenal of Democracy." And on his website, he indicates that loves history and wants to share it with everyone.

But fearing what happened around 11:00 pm Thursday might be a terrorist attack or the work of a "crazy" person, Chief Woelkers told reporters that his officers quickly responded with help from police in surrounding communities.

With guns drawn, officers located Lind after he returned to his home and parked the tank.

Police say there were no reported injuries.

Lind is now in custody on a $100,000 cash or surety bond.

We're told Lind could face multiple misdemeanor and felony charges.

Charges are also pending on his two friends, but they are not in police custody.

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