92-year-old facing eviction from Inkster home

(WXYZ) - Mary Danilian was home alone when a court officer knocked on her door on Thursday. He told her something she didn’t want to hear. 

“’We’re here to evict you. I said, 'No you’re not',” said Mary.

The 92-year-old widow who is battling cancer says she was shocked. While court records say she was sent notice, Mary says she never saw it.

“I bought this place in 1955...1955!”

Her neighbor Paulette Dye called 7 Action News for help.

“Is that what we are all looking forward to?” asked Paulette. “You get older and they put you on the street.  I would like to see them help her.”

7 Action News looked into what led to the eviction. We found out the county sold it at a tax foreclosure auction.

Neighbor Gary Bishop says there must be some mistake.  When Mary needed to get out of the house pay taxes, he says he drove her and helped her file away the receipts.

“I took her to the bank,” said Bishop.

7 Action News looked into it and found a company called RVFM 4 LLC bought the property at a county auction.

We called that company’s lawyer, Paul Jaffe, from West Bloomfield, and got good news for Mary.

He said the company wants to do the right thing for Mary. It  had no idea she was living there, and doesn’t want to kick her out on the street.

It is putting the eviction on hold for now. 

Long-term, the attorney says it is still unclear what will happen.  The house is in disrepair, and may not be safe for Mary.

Neighbors say they have been driving Mary when she needs to get around, and helping her get food. They can't do it all. They hope this story inspires more help for her from others. 

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