A bug bite quarantines a Delta plane from Detroit for hours on the tarmac at Chicago's Midway

CHICAGO (WXYZ) - It was supposed to be a short flight from Detroit Metro to Chicago.  Instead it turned into a major health scare.

A woman from Minnesota boarded the Delta Flight on Thursday after telling her mom she had a rash.  Her mom got worried.

That mom then called authorities and said she feared her daughter had monkey pox.

"CDC received a report earlier this (Thursday) evening of a passenger on a plane at Midway Airport who had a rash," a statement sent out by the CDC  reads. "Since the passenger had been in Africa, a family member had reported concerns that the rash might be monkeypox."

The woman had just returned from Uganda where she is going through the process of adopting a special needs child.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contacted Delta and asked it to hold the plane.

It was quarantined when it landed in Chicago.  Health officials checked out the woman and discovered she did not have monkey pox.  They did not say what she had.  Passengers on board the plane say she told them she believed she had bug bites, possibly bed bug bites.

The CDC says monkeypox is a rare viral disease.  It is most often seen in  central and western Africa. The symptoms are similar to smallpox, but usually not as serious.

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