A look at the Wayne County Executive candidates

(WXYZ) - It's one of the most controversial elections in the upcoming primary. The race for Wayne County Executive has five top candidates squaring off for the Democratic nomination.

Each candidate spoke with 7 Action News on Monday and had a lot to say.

Voters have many choices and a lot to think about. The county is currently under investigation by the FBI for sweetheart severance deals. There's also financial troubles tied to a failed jail project.

But still, the county executive running for re-election is hopeful, promising to grow new jobs.

"There isn't going to be an emergency manager in Wayne Co. We have taken care of it and the jail is going to get built," says current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

Westland Mayor Bill Wild is also promising big things. He's a business man, family man and a mayor known for 24/7 accountability.

"People want change, they are ready for clean, open government in Wayne County," says Wild.

Wayne Co. Commissioner Phil Cavanaugh is the son of a former Detroit Mayor. He says his reputation for good decision making will give him an edge.

"I have a masters degree and law degree but I also have experience in state, federal and county government," says Cavanaugh.

Another familiar face is the son of a former county executive. Kevin McNamara is also a County Commissioner pledging a turnaround.

"We have to much redundancy that needs to end. We have to get out of the way in some areas and fully funding services in others," says McNamara.

Finally, the front runner in most polls is a former Detroit Police Chief and Wayne Co. Sheriff. Warren Evans says he has busted bad guys and balanced big budgets. Now he wants to restore credibility and use his experience to work with communities.

"I've been a Wayne County resident 63 of 65 years on this earth. I'm proud of Wayne County but I don't think we have the image we should have and I want to see change," says Evans. 

Hear from all of the candidates in the video player above.

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