Man from Harrison, Michigan wins million dollars playing McDonald's Monopoly

(ABC) - Thomas Vozar has stopped into his neighborhood McDonald's in Harrison, Michigan for years to get breakfast and coffee.

But his decision recently to buy oatmeal really paid off.

That oatmeal bowl contained the winning game piece from McDonald's Monopoly game.

Vozar is now one million dollars richer.

It was the combination of the Boardwalk and Park Place pieces that changed Vozar's life.

He said he doesn't have many plans for the money, but said it will be nice to make some repairs on his house without worrying about money.

Vozar was presented with an oversized check by Joe Nicklyn, the owner of that local McDonald's franchise.

Nicklyn said that was the first big winner in his area.

Harrison is about 90 minutes north of Lansing if you're heading up U.S. 127.

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