A small miracle for a woman who had the ashes of her parents stolen when thieves stole her vehicle

(WXYZ) - Friends tell us a small miracle occurred for a woman who had her SUV stolen with the ashes of her parents inside the vehicle.

We first told you about the incident when it happened.  The Detroit woman had been in her home a short while right after the funeral when thieves made off with the vehicle.  Now, her family says

“You finally came back to me,” cried Enriqueta Espinoza. 

Tears of joy flowed down Espinoza’s face because she could not be happier that she can finally bury her parents.

“Now, I can finally bury them next to my brother,” she said.

When you met Espinoza back in December she was devastated.

“My heart is just broken,” said Espinoza when we first spoke with her.

She came to 7 Action News for help because someone stole her SUV from the front of her home in southwest Detroit, and inside the vehicle were two boxes with the ashes of her parents.

“Please,  just get a big box and put the remains and all the holy things and please, just put it on my porch,” cried Espinoza.

The plea to thieves didn’t work, but Espinoza said her prayers did work.

“I have my Lord to thank for answering everything for me,” said Espinoza.

Police found the vehicle abandoned in Detroit and stripped bare.  The only thing inside and sitting on the backseat was the remains of her parents.

Her good fortune continued.  Espinoza would have had to pay $1,100 for the vehicle’s recovery, but L.I.J.B.S. Towing and Recovery in Detroit had seen her heartbreaking story on 7 Action News and waived all of her fees.

“I thank them.  God bless them.  God bless them,” she said.

Her parents died within three months of her brother and Espinoza has been waiting to bury them all together.  Now she tells us she can finally rest them all together in peace.

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