Action news helps DDOT driver get back on his feet

(WXYZ) - For Damond Jackson, the last few months have been a nightmare.

The bus driver tells us "Their doctors stated that I have post traumatic stress." It's caused by a sudden attack back in November on the very same bus line along Woodward that we rode during a recent report.

Damond recalls how it all happened saying "I opened up the door and within seconds bleach came in my face."

The man who inexplicably blinded Damond with bleach is still at large and he is left to deal with scars both physical and mental.

"Flashbacks and cold sweats. I couldn't get back on the bus, I was still having flashbacks of the incident. I can see you up close but from far it's still blurry" says Damond.

"DDOT under prior leadership, however, stated 'I was ready to go back to work'," Damond says.

He adds "I couldn't step on a bus, haven't been on a bus since Nov 3."

Then late last year, when DDOT was run by the Bing administration, the paychecks stopped coming and Damond couldn't pay his rent.

He says "I lost everything no home, it's just terrible out here. At the present time I'm moving from house to house. No paycheck has come and they denied my workman's comp twice."

If all that wasn't enough, like other drivers who have been attacked, Damond couldn't get mental health treatment because the city only provides it for cops and firefighters.

Damond had but one request, for the Mayor to be aware.

So, 7 Action News took his case to city hall. With DDOT under new management, a spokesperson for Mayor Duggan told us "We can't allow our employees to deal with situation like this alone and he is not alone. We are going to make sure he gets the pay he is due and the mental help he needs."

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