'Person of Interest" named in murder of 2 Oakland County Child Killer victims

PONTIAC (WXYZ) - The Oakland County Prosecutor has announced a new "person of interest" in the Oakland County Child Killer case. 

Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said a hair found in a car that belonged to Arch Sloan is a mitochondrial DNA match to hairs found on victims Mark Stebbins and Timothy King.

Sloan is now 70-years-old and is currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for sex crimes.

Between 1976 and 1977 four Oakland County children were abducted, held for days and murdered. King and Stebbins were also molested.  

Victims Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich were not sexually assaulted. So far there is no DNA connection between the girls and Sloan's vehicle.

Detectives in 1976 retrieved materials from Sloan's 1966 Pontiac Bonneville.

Prosecutors do not believe that hairs recovered in the vehicle belong to Sloan, but say they came from someone else.

"Sloan is not the donor of the hairs found on the bodies of Mark Stebbins and Timothy King.  Investigators have spent an enormous amount of time looking into Sloan's background and researching the history of the ownership and who has access to his car where the hair is discovered," said Cooper.

Sloan allowed others to use his car. He is considered a person of interest in the Oakland County Child Killer case, but has not been named a suspect.  

When Stebbins disappeared from Ferndale, Sloan was living in Southfield with his parents. He had been paroled from Pennsylvania to Michigan. Stebbins body was found in Southfield. Sloan worked as a mechanic in the Farmington Hills area.

7 Action News has learned Sloan has a history of five criminal convictions for sex crimes. In 1959, when he was only 18, Sloan was found guilty of gross indecency. In 1979, he was found guilty of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct in Howell, and third degree criminal sexual conduct the following year in Alpena. 

In 1985, Sloan was found guilty of two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct, and is currently serving a life prison sentence.

In addition to the Bonneville, prosecutors say Sloan was also seen driving a 1969 black Chevy pick up and a 1971 blue Ford pick up, usually seen with the camper attached.

"For so long, anything anyone could remember about this case is the blue Gremlin. So there might be people out there, these new vehicles that are being looked at, that might remember, that might not have come forward because they were confused about thinking a Gremlin had to be involved.  So if someone has word out there about a Pontiac Bonneville, we'd appreciate if they'd come forward and talk to law enforcement," said Timothy King's brother, Chris King.

If you have any information about these murders, detectives want you to call (800) 442-7766.

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