Additional charges possible against suspected I-96 shooter

(WXYZ) - Additional charges could be coming against the suspected I-96 Corridor Shooter.

Officials tell 7 Action News that at least six incidents out of 12 in Oakland County, and two incidents out of seven in Ingham County could bring charges within the next couple of days.  

In one of the Ingham County cases, a person who was shot at helped helped investigators draw the sketch of the suspect.

Forty-three-year-old Raulie Casteel was arraigned on six counts of assault and weapons charges on Wednesday in Livingston County. 

Those are connected to only one incident on October 18, when a 24-year old woman had a shot go through the back seat section of her car. She is also the person who recently gave investigators new information about a license plate with a Michigan State University logo that solved the case.

According to investigators report, Jennifer Kupiec stated that she immediately noticed a bullet hole in the rear passenger door, that she was then, very upset and called her parents, and then called 911.

Kupiec stated that she was not being followed by anybody nor was she in any road rage altercation on the freeway.

7 action news has learned Jennifer is the daughter of John Kupiec who ran for congress unsuccessfully in the Flint area two years ago.

Sources tell Action News Jennifer may have wanted to keep the road rage from her father and the cops to avoid trouble.

She gave it up when task force investigators interviewed her again this past Sunday.

That was after the shootings became national news.

It was her information on the license plate she saw of the shooter with both of them going in the same direction that solved the case.

A task force of more than 100 police officers and federal agents investigated 24 random shootings in four counties during a two-week period in October. 

The shootings also happened in Shiawassee County near Perry and M-52.

Only one person was hit, a man shot while driving on I-96 had a single shot go through his driver's door, through his wallet and into his hip. 

He was not seriously injured. The slug remains in his buttocks. 

Authorities are trying to decide if they need to get the bullet out to make a criminal case in this incident. It happened October 27 on I-96 near Fowlerville.

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