After a weekend football loss against U of M, Michigan State lays more eggs

(WXYZ) - It's the Monday after the state's biggest rivalry football game and if your office is anything like the 7 Action News newsroom, you've probably heard a few jabs between Wolverines and Spartans.

In a newsroom, the humor can be a bit different than in other offices. That's why Michigan fans here laughed when a press release arrived this morning touting a new egg laying facility at Michigan State University.

That's right, Michigan fans: You can tell your Spartan co-workers that their school really did lay an egg this weekend – and they are working to do this even more in the future.

The press release came from the Michigan Allied Poultry Industries and it was a serious one. It had the headline, "Michigan poultry businesses congratulate MSU on new Laying Hen Facility."

Apparently, Michigan State's new facility opened last week and will be used to do research on the most effective ways to lay eggs.

"This facility will give us access to the best research and information. It's an opportunity to build partnerships with colleges and universities across the country and conduct research that could change the industry for the better," said Greg Herbruck, of Herbruck's Poultry Ranch Inc. in the release.

All joking aside, laying eggs is indeed serious business.

Over the coming years, federal legislation could dictate how much space each hen has to lay eggs at farms throughout the country. In 2009, Michigan's legislature required that farmers phase out the conventional cages where hens lay eggs.

You can learn more about the construction of the new MSU egg laying facility here:

Michigan State football fans in the newsroom were sure to remind their U of M colleagues that State won the previous four games .

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