Airport increases radiation monitoring

Auto company workers leaving Japan

METRO AIRPORT (WXYZ) - Three-year-old Olivia Thomson couldn't wait to see her dad, Matt Thomson. Thomson returned from Japan today, a month early.

"You aren't going back to Japan, are you daddy?"Olivia asked. "No I'm not honey, I've had enough." Thomson replied.

Thomson works for a subsidiary of Toyota. He was working in Toyota City, the day of the earthquake. Thomson told Action News today that "With my wife being pregnant and worrying alot, and having to check the internet everyday to find out what was going on got pretty overwhelming."

"I'm very, very relieved" said his wife Stacey. "The not knowing what is going on with the radiation got pretty nerve wracking."

In the meantime, Customs and Border Patrol Agents at the airports are stepping up their monitoring of possible radiation exposure. Agents are wearing detection devices to alert them if travelers show high levels of radiation. Workers are also checking the aircraft to determine if they have been contaminated with radiation as well. 

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