Al-Qaeda magazine reaching homegrown terrorists in US

(WXYZ) - It's a slick online magazine---with a dangerous message. Inspire, an English language read, is aimed at recruiting and training terrorists from within the US.

Dan Roberts was a high level agent with the FBI, and says, "Terrorism in general is the highest concern for the FBI."

So, this magazine has caused alarm. In fact, the latest issue, dated March 2014, not only teaches one how to make car bombs, but it lists some of the most vulnerable US cities and sites to carry out terrorism activities. Such as this August's US Open in New York.

Inspire reads like a high-gloss US publication. There is even a Q&A with a smiling Sheikh Anwar al-'Awlaki.
The former alleged talent recruiter for Al-Qaeda was actually killed in a drone attack in 2011. But was also linked to the attempt to blow up a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas back in 2009.

"Its surprising---but I shouldn't be surprised," said one Metro resident reacting to this latest attempt on our security.
They say, if the magazine wants to influence a younger demo, the enemies are doing it right.

"Its kind of an American way to do [it], cause that's what we are all about. Pull out our phone and look up anything we want."

The first issue of Inspire appeared in 2010. The Investigators learned, its editors over the years have changed. But its believed to be run by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Authorities say there isn't much they can do to stop how-too publications like this.

"You have free speech concerns," says Roberts.

But you can bet agents are closely monitoring the following it produces.

"They certainly are reaching people," says Roberts.

The biggest concern is the lone wolf, hell-bent on being a part of homegrown terrorism.

"Young men mostly, getting radicalized over the internet, who are based here locally," says Roberts.

Think the Boston Marathon bombers.

Adds Roberts, "One of the ways that happens, is through propaganda like Inspire magazine." 






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