Albanian mom from Troy will get to stay in the United States another year

(WXYZ) - A Troy mother fighting her deportation to Albania will get to stay in the US. at least another year.

Cile Precetaj came to the United States illegally in 2000 from Albania.  Since then, she got married, had three children and became a productive member of society.

But, earlier this week, Precetaj says U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent her a notice ordering her to leave the country. With only a 24 hours notice, the Troy resident was told to report to the McNamara terminal for a flight back to her home country.

Instead of getting on the flight, Precetaj stayed in her home, with her children.

Precetaj has been in a legal fight to stay in the country. She requested asylum, afraid if she stayed in Albania she would be sold into prostitution.

Her request was denied.

Precetaj was ordered to wear a tether as her case moved through the immigration system.

But, on Friday afternoon, Precetaj's attorney, Andrew Johnson, says that Precetaj got a call from authorities  telling her to go to the immigration office in Detroit to get her tether removed. It was there that she was told her stay of removal request was granted for one year.

Johnson says once the year is over, they will file another request and repeat the process in the future. 

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