Alert Shirt lets fans feel what the players feel

(WXYZ) - Imagine being able to feel what your favorite players feel during a sporting game. 

One shirt is converting live game data into one powerful fan experience.

The Alert Shirt created by Australian television company  Foxtel is designed for fans so they can feel like they are part of the game.

Foxtel claims the shirt converts real time game data into sensations that can be felt by the fans --no matter where they're watching the match up.

From the shock of a big tackle, to a thumping heart when the game is on the line--users would be able to feel it all. 

Fans can feel pressure, impact, despair, exhaustion and adrenalin.

Users can set their alert intensity with the company’s alert shirt app and share their experience with friends.

Foxtel claims in a promotional video that the shirt has feedback motors that transfer different sensations.

Check out more about the Alert Shirt here:

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