Allegations of voting discrimination in Dearborn Heights

(WXYZ) - Following claims of voter suppression from the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, city council members of Dearborn Heights are requesting the state or Wayne County to monitor the August 5th primary election.

The ADC claims city clerk Walter Prusiewicz stalled or denied Arab-American voters the right to request and cast absentee ballots.

Prusiewicz resigned July 22 over the scandal citing a stressful work environment saying he could never be accepted as the city clerk, among other reasons.

But accepting the resignation isn't an easy task for city council members. The Dearborn Heights city clerk is an elected position and can only be removed from office by the governor, or through a recall election.

Although the council voted 6-1 to accept Prusiewicz resignation, it's largely a symbolic vote that can only be filed in the minutes and not legally binding.

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