Amphitheater plan under fire in Plymouth Twp.

(WXYZ) - It was a packed house with hopes to deliver a knockout-punch to the plans for a Plymouth Township amphitheater.

Tuesday night, the first public hearings were held-- after park plans were made more than a year ago--and the objections are many.

First: transparency. Residents say they never knew of a plan to spend money on improvements to Plymouth Township Park on Ann Arbor Trail near Beck Road, which includes an amphitheater that would host concerts and theater events attracting small crowds.

The city never held public comments, until Tuesday night, and only sent out plans in the form of a newsletter a year ago, and some say, after the money was spent.

Objection 2: Cost. The improvements may run up to $1.5 million.  Residents say that could be better served for police and fire.

Another objection: Why does Plymouth Township need an amphitheater when the City of Plymouth has one of similar size located two miles away? 

Some residents believe the city supervisor and his supporters want to separate the township from the city, and have voted in the past to fracture contracts between the two municipalities.