Animal rescue group steps in to help feral cats and kittens living in garage of home in Troy

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - An animal rescue group, specializing in helping feral cats, has stepped up to help the feral cats and kittens living in and out of the garage of Thomas Petho's home in Troy.

"If you're going to feed them, you need to fix them," said Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek who runs Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue. 

Wilhelm-Bruzek is working to help the cats and kittens, and hopes to be able to relocate some of them to a barn.

The rescue group has been able to remove three sick kittens and five adult cats that have been living in and out of the garage of the Petho home.

The sick kittens are now on antibiotics and fluid. The adult cats are at a vet getting spayed and neutered. Since they are feral, they will eventually be moved to a barn. 

Relocating a feral cat colony is costly and time consuming. If you would like to help, you can visit The rescue group can also be found on Facebook under "Snow's Page."

Paws is basically run exclusively by Laura and her husband. They donate their own time and money and could use any donations to help with the treatment for the cats and kittens. 

Action News first learned about the kittens and adult cats from Deborah Farrah and her two daughters, Elizabeth and Angela.

The Farrahs rescued one kitten they found on the sidewalk in front of the house on Saturday. The kitten they spotted was ill and they rushed him to the vet where he's being treated for a series of illnesses that include an upper respiratory infection and worms.

The Farrahs contacted Action News in hopes of getting help for the other kittens that appear ill and the adult cats.

Thomas Petho and his wife began feeding the feral cats years ago, but he admits the problem has gotten out of control.

Oakland County Animal Control has managed to trap two of the kittens and we're told they are currently being treated for an upper respiratory infection. The hope is that the kittens will be able to be adopted.

Animal control workers say it's possible the Pethos could face animal neglect charges; a determination will be made by the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.

Rescue groups specializing in helping feral cats say you cannot adopt a feral adult cat, but it is possible to save the kittens from living a life in the wild.

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