Ann Arbor doctor accused of overdosing on stolen drugs

(WXYZ) - Back on December 6th, staff at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center found 32-year-old doctor Timothy Sutton in a locked bathroom, in cardiac arrest, with a syringe and a pain medication kit.

He later admitted to police he injected himself with fentanyl. Also missing from the kit: morphine. When we asked why Dr. Sutton’s medical license is still active, U of M Health System says it’s all a matter of following state procedures.

“So there’s a process when any licensed healthcare practitioner is charged with doing something that violates their code of conduct, and that is regulated in our case by the State of Michigan, and the University of Michigan will follow all those procedures, and we certainly do follow all those procedures followed by the State of Michigan," said Denise Gray, U of M Health System spokesperson. 

Dr. Sutton has pleaded guilty to use of a controlled substance. Court records show a felony charge of larceny was dropped.

It is up to the state medical board to revoke Dr. Sutton’s license. We should note, all of this happened on the same day a U of M nurse overdosed on drugs she checked out for her patients. 

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