Ann Arbor ordinance could limit outdoor smoking

ANN ARBOR - They've already been asked to take it outside, but Ann Arbor smokers may see more limits on where to light up, and it's got a lot of smokers fired up.

Reading the proposal, Louise Carter can’t help but fume over an ordinance that would give Ann Arbor city leaders the power to prohibit smoking within 20 feet of bus stops, city government buildings, and in certain city parks.
"I think it’s wrong." said Carter, "They’ve taken rights from us. Not everybody’s a smoker, not everybody wants to be a smoker. But don’t keep taking my rights.”
“People should have the expectation of being able to breath clean air in those places.” said the man behind the proposal, 5th Ward city councilman Chuck Warpehoski who says critics of his idea are overblowing how the rule may be enforced.
“If somebody doesn’t comply, yeah, there’s a fine." said Warpehoski, "But I don’t see that there’s going to be a lot of 911 calls.”
Warpehoski says the ordinance is more aimed at posting “No smoking” signs, not writing up tickets for those who light up.
“I believe that just being able to put the signs up, and having people point to the sign and say, ‘Hey this is a no smoking area.’ That’s going to solve almost all the problems.” said Warpehoski.
“I pay taxes. A lot of smokers pay taxes." said Carter,"[And the city leaders] don’t ask, just take.”
The city council has postponed a vote on the ordinance until next month.

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