Anniversary of the tornado super outbreak

148 tornadoes 40 years ago today, will it repeat?

The mid-U.S. has a moderate risk for severe weather today.

Widespread tornadoes, hail and strong winds are all a strong possibility later this afternoon and evening. A large, low-pressure system with plenty of support from the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere is sliding across the country.


It’s eerily similar to the 1974 tornado super outbreak, which occurred exactly 40 years ago today.


That outbreak spawned 148 tornadoes leading to hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and billions in damage. There were so many tornadoes, warning systems couldn’t keep up.

The 1974 outbreak still holds the record for the most number of violent tornadoes in a single day: thirty F-4 and F-5s. The U.S. usually only sees seven in a year.

In that outbreak, the biggest F-5 tornado devastated an Ohio community. The City of Xenia lost half its buildings and more than 30 lives.

Today, Xenia has a slight risk for severe weather, but it’s still uncomfortably close to the moderate risk bulls-eye.

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