App could help you find your missing dog

(WXYZ) - Finding a lost pet just got a high-tech update.

If you ever need to locate your four-legged friend, well there's now an app for that.

The Finding Rover app can help people find their missing pups with the simple snap of a photo.

The app works using simple facial recognition software. All dog owners have to do is take a picture of their pooch and register them in the database.

Now, if your dog runs away, and someone spots them, they can upload a photo to Finding Rover and the recognition software will alert you that your dog has been found.

The person who found your dog can then contact you via phone, email or through the app itself.

This past May, the company reports that shelters in San Diego County started using the technology and have been able to reunite dogs with their families.

Just think, if everyone started using the app, this could really be an effective method to finding missing pets.

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