Ignore No More app forces kids to respond to their parents

(WXYZ) - Parents who want their children to return their calls may get success with a new helpful tool.  

A new app called Ignore No More wants to help make kids pay attention to their parents.

The sneaky Android app will lock your children's phone if they refuse to respond to your calls or texts.

Ignore No More gives you the control, so if your child decides to put you on the back burner, you can simply lock their phones until they call you back.

Now, when it's locked, the kids are still able to call 911, so it won't put them at risk.

The crazy part about this app-- that is also very clever--is that if the child tries to disable the app by deactivated the admin role, the phone immediately locks, sending the parents a message.

Now, the app isn't free-- it will cost you about $2 in the Google Play Store.

Just call your mom back, eh. 

More info HERE. 

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