Apps could help prevent bullying, spam calls

(WXYZ) - According to national statistics, about one in four kids in the United States is bullied on a regular basis.

But, now, people are putting tools to prevent bullying right where it's most accessible: in a smartphone.

A number of apps are available to help protect your kids and educate them about bullying.

AT&T recommended Bully Block and Bully Button as two possible options.

Bully Block is a free Android app that lets users record verbal threats and block texts from people who may be harassing them. The app also has an instant reporting feature that lets the user email or text the threats to parents  or law enforcement.

Bully Button is a $.99 iOS app that is similar--allowing the user record and send an audio attachment with a text to a parent, friend or school. The app also keeps parents and the school on speed dial-along with a suicide hotline number.

And WhitePages just launched a new Android app called WhitePages Current.

This app can help block bullies and also alert consumers to scam numbers. WhitePages has a database of 20,000 numbers that have been reported as fraudulent that the app can help you identify.

Looking for more tips on mobile safety? Check out AT&T's page:

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