Are Detroiters being evicted to make room for a new Red Wings arena?

People say mysterious new owner is Mike Ilitch

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Most adults have moved a household at least once. It's a huge undertaking. Imagine if you were told you had 30 days to relocate and had no choice  but to oblige. 

That's what's happening to dozens, if not hundreds, of people living in three buildings on Henry Street in Detroit's Cass Corridor.

Diane Gordon and her neighbors were given one month to find a new place to call home. They're down to 27 days now, which is longer than Diane has lived in her apartment. She moved in on April first.

"Friday was the first I heard of this. I'm unaware of what's going on here."

Diane is not alone. There are more than 200 apartments between the three buildings. The only thing residents were told is that the buildings have been sold.

Many of the residents who live in the buildings told 7 Action News there are a lot of tenants with disabilities and there is not enough time for them to relocate.

The former owner sent a letter to tenants saying "I asked for an extension but it was not granted."

He just underwent heart surgery and was not available for comment Tuesday.

The name of new owner hasn't even been disclosed, but some believe they're losing their homes so the Red Wings can have a new one.

It's no secret Ilitch is hoping to build a new multi-million dollar mixed-use facility that would be the new home of the Red Wings.

We called Ilitch Holdings for comment.

Late Tuesday afternoon, 7 Action News received an email only stating, "typically we refrain from discussing or responding to speculation."

In the meantime, the clock continues to tick for people who now live in the buildings, people who will soon be forced to leave.

Many tenants are hoping for some type of miracle allowing them some extra time to move out. 

"I'm on a fixed income. I'm on social security. That's not even $700 a month," said Linda Montgomery.  "Where am I going to go?"



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