Armada teacher accused of sex with student hears victim testimony

ROMEO, Mich. (WXYZ) - The case against Armada Middle School teacher Robert Yaek, accused of having sex with a student, will go to trial. But the victim's testimony in court may be reshaping some crucial details.

Yaek sat just a few feet away from his accuser as his former student described their relationship in court. But it may have been the 13-year-old’s testimony that prompted an amendment from the prosecution’s original accusations.

Yaek stepped into the courtroom as his family looked on; all of them waiting to hear from the girl whom prosecutors allege the 25-year-old had sex with inside Armada Middle School, in addition to a home Yaek was house sitting.

But before the 13-year-old girl took the stand, the judge requested those who were not involved in the case to leave the courtroom. When testimony concluded, prosecutors requested a pair of amendments to their charges, after the girl testified she and Yaek did not have sexual intercourse.    

“What she said at that interview was that nothing happened other than hugging and kissing between her and Mr. Yaek at anytime at Armada School.” said Yaek's attorney Paul Stablein.

“Her prior versions of events are true." said Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Brian Surma, "They could be interpreted different ways. She also testified today she does not want Mr. Yaek to get in trouble, and she does not want to say things that would get him in trouble.”

Prosecutors argued despite the inconsistencies, some form of sexual activity between teacher and student took place, adding they’ve got the emails and pictures to piece together probable cause. The judge agreed, as the case now goes to trial.

“I don’t know where the allegations are coming from," said Stablein, "Because clearly the student is saying they didn’t have sexual intercourse. And that’s a huge revelation that was made today."

“When you’re dealing with a 13-year-old child, it’s not completely unexpected that facts would change or testimony would change." said Surma, "And going forward, the physical evidence and the vast amounts of communication between the two parties is going to support the case as it’s currently charged.”

Yaek’s next court date is set for July 21st. He remains in the Macomb County Jail on a $400,000 bond.

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