Arrest warrant issued for singer Anita Baker

(WXYZ) - She's a beloved Detroit singer, but now there is a warrant is out for Anita Baker's arrest.

Baker is a wanted woman after she failed to show up in court.

This all has to do with a legal battle - over the Motown super-star's Grosse Pointe home.

The suit is over work done in the dining room costing $15 thousand.

"She’s very distraught about the situation," says Baker's attorney Jamal Hamood. 

Baker contends the work on her home was “shoddy”, but the attorney for the contractor tells 7 Action News the artist paid $42 thousand  to Ray Smith Painting for other jobs inside her Grosse Pointe home. 

The bench warrant comes following a “creditor’s exam” where baker was to disclose her finances. She didn’t show up and is now wanted by the law.

The initial legal action stems from a 2010 lawsuit filed by contractor Ray Smith, which was dismissed. Baker’s attorney says a sub-contractor for Ray Smith admitted to poor workmanship and the the R&B singer thought the matter was resolved.

Years later the case was refiled by Ray Smith for $15, 351. Baker’s attorney claims they didn’t call his client and this is a “money grab." 

Baker's attorney tells 7 Action News that he will file a motion to set aside the lawsuit and discharge the warrant on Friday in court.

The attorney for the contractor says they want to resolve the matter. 

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