Associated Press Twitter account hacked, alarming tweet sent from account

(WXYZ) - The Twitter account for the Associated Press was briefly hacked Tuesday afternoon.

A tweet was sent out from the @AP Twitter account that stated there had been explosions at the White House and that President Barack Obama had been injured. The tweet was false and immediately AP Twitter followers began notifying the AP that it appeared their account had been hacked.

It only took a few minutes for Twitter to suspend the account. The Associated Press then sent out a tweet on one of their other accounts to inform followers that the main account had in fact been hacked.

The news organization also sent out a story on the wires about the situation, saying the hack "came after hackers made repeated attempts to steal the passwords of AP journalists."

The Dow dropped 130.85 points on Wall Street in two minutes after the hacked tweet was sent, but the market rebounded quickly.

The cyber attack on the AP is the just the latest to come in recent days. CBS News was also hit earlier this week.

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