Astronomers discover Earth-sized diamond star

(WXYZ) - A new star detected in the universe sure is getting a lot of attention.

And if diamonds are a girls best friend, then women everywhere might be clamoring to board a spacecraft to sneak a peek.

Too bad it's only around 900 light-years away. 

Astronomers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory have identified possibly the coldest, faintest white dwarf star ever detected.

They say it’s so cool that its carbon has crystallized and essentially turned it into an Earth-sized diamond in space. Can you believe it?!

Researchers say white dwarfs are the dense end-states of stars that slowly cool and fade over billions of years and that this "diamond" in space could be around 11 billion years old.

Astronomers say these diamond-like stars are not uncommon, but they are hard to identify because they usually aren’t very bright. 

Read more about the star HERE.

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