Attorney: Shooting by ICE agent was "justified" and "self-defense"

DETROIT (WXYZ) - New developments in the shooting of a Detroit man by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent last week.

David Griem is the lawyer for the agent, and he is talking, saying the shooting was justified and that Mitchell Quinn fired his gun in self defense.

He also said Quinn had to move his family to a safe house because of all the publicity surround this shooting.

You may recall the shooting happened on Detroit's west side last Monday. A fugitive apprehension team made up of federal agents and local police officers were trying to arrest 20-year-old Terrence Kellom.

Griem says officers were allowed into the home, and when a call for help came from officers inside, Quinn entered the home.

According to Griem, when Quinn got to the top of the stairs, Kellom charged at him holding a hammer.

"He had the hammer raised above his head in a threatening fashion," Griem said. "He and agent Quinn were within a foot of each other. Agent Quinn backed off, ordered the individual to drop the hammer and raise his hands."

Griem said instead of doing that, Kellom chose to attack Quinn.

"Officer Quinn fired one shot as he backed up, hoping it would stop Mr. Kellom," Griem added. "It did not, Mr. Kellom continued toward agent Quinn."

He said that's when Quinn fired more shots. Griem also added that Kellom's family has not been truthful about the events.

"Our sorrow goes out to the Kellom family, but at this time, it seems to me that the Kellom family is -- what they're doing and what they're saying is being suggested to them by an ambulance chasing lawyer who is trying to turn this into a significant civil suit," Griem said.

Both the Wayne County Prosecutor and Michigan State Police are investigating the shooting.

As to whether or not Quinn will face any criminal charges, Griem said he's confident none will be filed.

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