Audiovox from Dyle TV lets you watch live television on your mobile devices

(WXYZ) - As the holiday shopping season swiftly approaches, we're taking a look at a new gadget that may be perfect for that tech geek in your life.

It's a new way for viewers to enjoy live TV on the go.

The new product from Dyle TV is the Audiovox Mobile TV Wireless Receiver. It lets users watch live, local and national TV right on their mobile devices.

What's neat about it is you don't need to have a WiFi hotspot to watch your favorite shows—the device pretty much creates its own.

"The implication for the consumer is that that translates into a better user experience without having any congestion and potentially less costly for consumer because it doesn't tap into their data plan's mobile minutes," said Salil Dalvi, co-general manager for Dyle Mobile TV.

The Audiovox taps into a special broadcast signal allowing users to tune into local programming. All you have to do is download the app, flip on the device and scan for channels.

It will also let you pause and rewind whichever show you are watching.

Now, one of the most important benefits of the Audiovox is being able to tune into programming when it counts the most. In the case of an emergency—you can stay up to date with the latest news no matter where you are.

The product works with more than 120 stations nationwide including WXYZ-TV and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The Audiovox can be found at ABC Warehouse and online on Amazon.

During the holiday season, you can snag it for a discounted $99.

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