Bailbondsmen get into tussle with taser during pickup

(WXYZ) - Richard Allen-Bass was being picked up by three bail bondsmen when a tussle broke out between the three agents and his family who recorded it on a cell phone.

When the video starts, Richard is in the back of an SUV. His wife grabs papers out of the back pocket of an agent and runs for the house. She tosses them through the door, the agent goes to get them and has his shirt ripped clean off. 

He responded with a taser, but it missed. 

Richard talked with 7 Action News Investigator Jim Kiertzner.   Richard did not want his face shown, but wanted to say that his three kids ages 11, 8 and 2 were traumatized by the incident.  He says he knew he missed a court date but if agents had called, he would have cleared it up the next day. 

Under Michigan Law, licensed bailbondsmen have the authority to pick up people who skip bail and use force.

Canton Police are taking statements from everyone involved and will turn the case over to the Wayne County Prosecutor to determine if anyone is charged with assault. 

A spokesman for the You Walk Bail Bond Agency tells 7 Action News, they attempted to resolve the bail issue with Richard Allen-Bass for two months before they picked him up.  And his wife knew what was going on because she co-signed his paperwork. 

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