Statewide ban on drug widely known as "K2/Spice" takes effect

WIXOM, Mich. (WXYZ) - The statewide ban on the drug widely known as "K2/Spice" took effect Sunday, making it illegal to sell or possess the substance.

This is the state's second "K2/Spice" ban. The first law, which was enacted a couple of years ago, was ineffective after the manufacturers of the material found ways to adjust their ingredients.

The drug wound up in the headlines after a number of crimes were linked to it, including the baseball bat beatings of the Cipriano family.

Robert Cipriano was killed – his wife and son were left in critical condition. Police arrested the couple's other son, Tucker and his friend and believe they were on K2 at the time of the attack.

Less than two months ago a teen was found dead at Wing Lake. Investigators think he may have overdosed on K2.

Under the new law anyone caught selling synthetic drugs like K2 or Spice could face seven years in prison. Possession of the drug is a two year felony.

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